Masetto has a proposition for Lady Brannoch in 'Madame X'
Masetto (Tom Morss) has a proposition for Lady Brannoch (Taylor Wilson) in Madame X

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We create brand-new works of opera, and in so doing we support artists’ (often early-stage) careers, and generate enthusiasm for new opera in communities across the north of England.

Doing all this isn't easy and it isn't cheap - but you would be surprised how far we are able to stretch our budgets. So, we depend on the generosity of public sector grants, private foundations, corporate sponsors, and most importantly: individual gifts.

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Please consider making a donation to Radius Opera.

We depend upon the enthusiasm and generosity of our patrons, and as a Registered Charity, any donation (especially when we are able to reclaim Gift Aid) is hugely appreciated - and genuinely makes a difference!

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Our charitable objectives

Our charitable objectives, as registered with the UK Charity Commission, are:

  • To create and perform new works of opera and establish those works within the broader operatic repertoire; and
  • To encourage the involvement of the public in productions through direct participation, education projects, and similar initiatives.

Your donation will go entirely towards furthering these aims, and you can be sure that any donation will have an impact - and our gratitude.

Vision becomes reality - Lara Booth’s set design for 'Emily'
Vision becomes reality: Lara Booth’s set design for Emily

Friends of the Company

Please consider making a regular monthly donation to Radius Opera. This is a very effective way to help us, and being a Friend of Radius Opera comes with some perks:

  • Where possible, Friends will receive early booking and discounted tickets
  • Friends receive an insider ebulletin about our current production's development, seeing directly how your contribution is helping us
  • Friends are named (unless anonymous) and recognised in our programmes and other production materials
  • Friends are invited to attend dress rehearsals
  • Friends are invited back-stage at performances to meet the cast
  • Friends are invited to a VIP reception at the first performance of a production run, providing a chance to meet the composer, librettist, director, designer, and other members of the creative team

Donate now and become a Friend

Please remember to tick the option allowing us to contact you!

Vision becomes reality - Lara Booth’s costume design for 'Emily'
Vision becomes reality: Lara Booth’s costume design for Emily’s volunteer Police force

Production Patron

If you would like to support us with a one-off donation towards our next production, we would be very glad to welcome you as a Production Patron.

To become a Production Patron, please contact us directly to arrange your donation, and (if you are a UK taxpayer) to help us reclaim Gift Aid on your donation.

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Vision becomes reality - Amy Westwood’s set design for 'Rest In Peace'
Vision becomes reality: Amy Westwood’s set design for Rest In Peace

Corporate Sponsor

We greatly value our Corporate Sponsors, and warmly encourage new sponsors to join us.

We know that companies expect a variety of outcomes in return for sponsorship, and we are willing to be as flexible as possible to accomodate you. For example, we can offer:

  • VIP receptions with our singers and other creatives at our public performances
  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Private performances of musical selections or even a complete opera
  • Speaking engagements and team-building workshops given by members of our creative team
  • Advertising or other copy (such as editorial) in our production programmes and our website
  • Product placement within our set designs, props, and costumes (subject to suitability)

To become a Corporate Sponsor, please contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.

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Vision becomes reality - From the workshop to the stage in 'Madame X'
Vision becomes reality: From the workshop to the stage in Madame X